Mission Statement about the Site:
Christian Kids Fun Place is a site devoted to get kids, primarily between the ages of six and twelve, interested in Christian morals and beliefs, through fun and educational activities. Many of the activities have christian themes, but some do not. The reason for this has to do with our main mission for this site, and that is to attract some kids who otherwise wouldn't have any exposure to either a christian community, or religious activities. Our hope by attracting these kids, is to provide them with a chance for Christ to come into their lives. Our mission is to educate and convey christian philosophy into a program that is not only safe and fun for children, but to provide them with essential learning experiences. For example after they explore the planets, they can do a fun cross word puzzle about them. If they want to get an astro patch they must first complete a quiz about the planets to get it. We always try to incorporate a fun way to learn. Internet media can offer varied, purposeful experiences and can foster the feelings of accomplishment that encourage new learning. By bringing Christian subjects and familiar activities into the context of engaging stories and characters, Christian kids fun place helps young children learn about God.